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Application for reissue

If your certificate of Alien registration is lost or stolen ,you must apply for it to be reissued.you must report the loss or theft of the certificate to the police before you apply for reissuance.

Application Period

Within 14 days of discovery of loss or theft

Documents Required

Two recent,identical 3.5cm(width)×4.5(height)photos

(Photos are not repuired of those 15 years of age or under.)
A lost certificate(issue by police)


The applicant has to be in person.

(For those 15years of age or under,a family menber or someone living in the household is required to report on his or her behalf.)

Where to Register

Registration can be made at the information counter in town office.

If  you have any queries ,please contact us:
Rika Hongou
Hirotsugu Asano