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the Bloodhorse Training

Urakawa was originally a fishing town. This is still one of its main industries, with salmon and kelp being its main products. However, the industry for which Urakawa has become famous throughout Japan is racehorses. Indeed it now leads the field in this respect, as more horses are raised here than anywhere else in the country. There are about 200 thoroughbred farms in Urakawa and they produce some of Japan's top racehorses. It was also the home of Shinzan, once famous in Japan: born in 1960, he was the longest-surviving former racehorse in the country. Horses are the theme of the town, with a horse motif appearing on the lampposts and even on the manhole covers. Urakawa is truly a horse-lover's area; postcards of the area are available in the town. A branch office of the Japan Racing Association (JRA) is located in Urakawa. It has established a large scale training center in the east of the town which is managed by the Bloodhorse Training Center Foundation (BTC). This center has excellent facilities for the breeding and training of racehorses. This is the only one of its kind in Hokkaido.


  • Agricultural income:2,864,000,000 Yen (2014)
  • Domestic animals: horses 2,913 cows 1,478 (2017)
  • Fishing income: 3,560,000,000Yen (2017)
  • Fishing production: Fish 11,049tons, Shellfish 159tons, Seaweed 343tons (2017), Other (squid, octopus, crab etc.) 1,460tons.