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Urakawa's horses

Urakawa Town has produced many horses which are famous in the racing world. In fact, many people think of Urakawa as Japan's thoroughbred homeland. Approximately 300 ranches in Urakawa are now tending to their stock and dreaming of bringing home a derby champion or the Emperor's Cup.

Urakawa's Ranches and other horse-related facilities:

Map of Urakawa
  1. Tenma Road
  2. AERU
  3. East Stud Ranch
  4. Tanigawa Ranch
  5. Horse riding Park
  6. Yushun Gate
  7. Hidaka S.S Ranch
  8. Banboo Ranch
  9. Okita Ranch
  10. Information Office
  11. JRA(Japan Racing Association)

If you would like to visit ranches in Urakawa, please call: 81-1462-2-2258 (Information office) for more information.

Horse training facilities and school:

The training facilities of JRA (The Japan Racing Association)

The Japan Racing Association has built world-class training facilities in Urakawa, including the world's first 1,000 meter-long indoor training area. There is also a 105 hectare top-quality training area, ensuring that the horses bred in Urakawa have the best chances for success.

Riding is generally considered as an excellent therapy for disabled people. Warashibe home supports this way of healing and helps people who are mentally and physically disabled.


Healing Instructor training school