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Natural Disasters


Hidaka Subprefecture has more earthquakes among any other district in Japan and there is no way to know when a quake will occur. Nevertheless, it is possible to decrease the disaster by preparing yourself in your daily life for the possibility of an earthquake.

Earthquake Preparation:

  1. Secure cabinets or bookshelves and arrange them in a way to prevent from injuring by furniture falling down during an earthquake. To avoid putting heavy things at higher places is also an effective way.
  2. Shatterproof the windows for safety from flying glass by window films.
  3. Store slippers and a flashlight where you can quickly grab them. Pack the supplies, such as foods, drinking water, radio, clothe and first-aid kit in a backpack or bag, and leave them where it is easily accessible with cash, bankbooks, seals (inkan), passport and foreing residents card like important things.
  4. Be familiar with the town designated evacuation site (parks, schools, etc) nearest your home.
  5. Determine where and how your family members will gather or contact if an earthquake occurs.

What To Do When Earthquake Occurs:

  1. If you are at home, do not rush outside, turn off all gas and fire sources, and hide yourself under a sturdy table.
  2. If you are outside, stay away from walls or vending machines and watch out for falling objects.
  3. If you are on a bus or train, follow the instruction ordered by attendants.
  4. If you are inside the building like departments, do not rush to stairs or exits and follow the instruction ordered by personnel.
  5. If you are driving a car, stop your car along the left side of the road, and wait for tremors to stop.
  6. If yor are near by the sea, evacuate yourself from tsunami to altitude.

Wind and Flood Damages:

There are possibilities of flood by the cause of snow melting, heavy rain, and typhoon. Pay attention to the weather information of warning or alert. In addition, please be careful when storms and high waves are coming.